pineamongtheoaks asked: I can't wait to see you guys when you come to Winnipeg!

We can’t wait either!!!


This Friday @ Firecreek:

Dogbreth: Plan-it-x Records, sweet pop punk.

Dragons: everything you love about rock n’ roll. they were on the cover of Flag Live that one time.

Human Weather: AZ’s best new band? post-punk/emo/grunge-y.

1 Thousand Island: “is this a fucking joke or something?”

"hell yeah"- Tristan Jemsek

So excited for this dreamy show on Friday!!

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4/9/14 @ 191 Toole w/ Waxahatchee and Human Behavior

Photos by Logan Greene

(here’s the full photo album)

We played two shows in March with Agatha from Seattle!

3/20 @ The Boxing Gym // 3/21 @ Trunk Space 

Pictures from Karl’s Flickr  

Tonight in Tücson!

Tonight in Tücson!

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4/5/14 @ Indie 500 Fest, celebrating 10 years of Trunk Space! 

Photos by Gabriel King Radley

Writer Fuel: Of Pasta, Gifs, and a Balanced Writer’s Life


Every writer needs a little writer fuel, whether it’s fueling your body, or your mind. Every week, staffers at Camp NaNoWriMo HQ will be telling you about the food and the music that inspires them. Today, our program director Chris Angotti shares the secret to a balanced internet diet:

There’s a song by this band Dogbreth. It’s called “Appetite for Distraction” and it starts like this:

Like how it’s harder to work on what I need / To work on
When there’s internet / When there’s internet in my room

The vocalist, Tristan Jemsek, plaintively sings the intro over a simple guitar lead. His hanging lyrical phrase (“To work on”) and false start to the second line suggest an uncertain narrator, and “in my room” implies insularity—a bunch of potential backstory in a small amount of time.

But I want to focus on what he’s saying, and how I’ll bet every single person reading this can relate:

It is really, really  freaking difficult to get anything productive done when there’s this wide world of temporarily amazing stuff available at a swipe.

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This is awesome!

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Bragg’s Factory Diner Anniversary Party - 3/1/13 

Photos by Jacob Howard


Hey check out this sick flier Mike “Bogey” Bogumil made for this tight show! “Get Hyped”.

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