People from Nebraska are so excited about being from Nebraska. This was my first time here and it was aaalright. The weather was great which allowed us to dress in clothing appropriate for 72 degree weather.

Mitchell decided to go with an inside out shirt & some black pants. He really enjoys wearing different shades of orange.

Tristan is wearing the same shorts he was wearing yesterday, but he decided to change his shirt. Go Tristan! The basket of bananas next to him really brings out the red in his hoodie.

Up and coming style icon Erin C. Is wearing a naughty crop with black cut-offs held up by a stylish braided belt. Being as prepared as she is, Erin was sure to bring a light flannel which she tied around her waist. Bringing the whole outfit together are her usual accessories.

There’s me being soft goth/ sassy redhead on the steps of the house we are staying at.

Joining us for the day is Jill looking fresh in the palm of a street fighter. She’s sporting an oversized space sweater over a colorful dress. Floral sneakers put the finishing touches on this outfit, folks.

The only sweet treat I had today was a green apple Jolly Rancher lollipop that I bought at a gas station in middle-of-nowhere, NE. The person working at the gas station had an ICP tattoo, so yeah.

If this is what they think the good life, that’s cool. I hope they keep thinking that.

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Anonymous said: your new songs are so good (old ones too but that goes without saying). can't wait to hear them released!

Thank you so much! We’re super excited to record them!


We spent a good portion of the day in Denver, CO. It was probably like 80 degrees outside & Dogbreth was dressed to impress.

Erin is wearing a Human Weather crop top with some stupid little shorts, a tattered fanny pack and some “worn” docs. She scored some siqq tapes at Wax Trax which are also featured in the pic.

Triz is donning a white tee with some cut-offs & Target flip flops & reppin’ his hometown of Phoenix with a fashionable Suns hat. Tristan is nursing a cup of black coffee, pfft, typical.

Mitchell, not Mitch, is wearing a creamsicle colored tee with some dark wash J Crew jeans. Obviously the most fashionable of the bunch. Notice Tyler in the background.

Erin & I went to a great ice cream place called Sweet Action, maybe, but that could have also not been the name. They had vegan ice cream sandwiches, but I ended up with a scoop of vegan brownie ice cream in a sugar cone ( I later threw the sugar cone away and Erin got really upset). The ice cream was really great, obviously made with coconut milk, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. It melted pretty fast, which was probably my only complaint.

We went to a place called Señor Burrito that I can tell you nothing about.

***Honorable Mention: We went to a Coffee Shop called San Marcos, also that might have not been the name of this place either, whatever, moving on, they had such great cookies. I had a chocolate chip cookie that was more like a bar & so gooey & perfect.

Hell yeah, Denver, hell yeah.

Check out Whitney’s new tour fashion blog!

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Anonymous said: What are the odds of you guys coming to WV sometime?

I’d say pretty good! I think Erin used to live there for a little while actually


7/3: Phoenix - @ The Trunk Space ***Tour Kickoff***
7/5: San Diego - @ Che Cafe
7/6: San Luis Obispo - @ Crossroads
7/7: San Francisco - @ Sylvan Annex w/The Yellow Dress
7/8: Santa Clara - @ Chromatic Coffee w/Shinobu, The Albert Square
7/9: Santa Barbara - @ Biko Garage w/ Cave Babies, Blossom
7/10: Long Beach - @ TBA w/ The Stereo Soul Movement

CALIFORNIA! Tyler and Tristan’s other band DINERS is comin’ atcha this week! Come hang out and grab the new record! We’re all very proud of it.

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6/9 - Atlanta @ The Masquerade

Played 156 times


Dogbreth//New Friend

Please check this band out!!! This song has been stuck in my head for 20 yrs

whoa, a tumblr post from the future??

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dogbreth at the sinclair in cambridge, ma 6/16

featured on allston pudding

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Anonymous said: is there a facebook or tumblr page for Diners??




06 18 14 :: DOGBRETH

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